Advantages of Used Vending Machines East West Vending Machines

Owning and operating drink and vending machines are great ways to earn money from home. This kind of business is as simple as purchasing machinery, locking down locations to place it, learning how to maintain the equipment and gaining customers. Although most of this is easier said than done if you get started now you can have your own vending machine business up and running in no time. Keep in mind that purchasing used snack and drink machines are a great way to begin. The following information will review some of the biggest benefits from purchasing used equipment.

Reduce the Initial Investment
Money is a factor regardless what kind of business you are opening. However, the good news is that when you are beginning your own vending company the initial investment can be significantly reduced by simply buying used machines. To buy vending machine in Perth you can contact Consider the fact that the price tag for a slightly used machine will be a fraction of a new one; thus, lowering the initial amount of money needed to begin your business. Of course, just be careful and make sure you closely examine the machines to see that they are in proper working condition.


Increase your Rate of Return
Earning a return on your investment will take time whether you purchase new or used equipment. However, buying used equipment will make this wait go faster. The reason being is you spent less in the beginning than you would’ve buying new. Therefore, the smaller the amount you put up initially, the less time it will take you to earn it back. Hence, buying used will have you earning profits faster than purchasing new.

Warranties are still Available
Many of you may be cringing at the thought of buying used, as you may feel that you would be missing out on a warranty. The truth is that you can obtain additional warranties for our used machines as well. Fees vary depending on model. It is worth your time as it can save you a great deal in the long run.

Buying an Existing Route
Another option when you are considering buying used vending equipment – regardless if its snack or drink, is buying an existing company. This can prove to be the easiest way to get into the business because you will start with an existing customer base and locations. On the other hand, make sure you ask many questions, as you would not want to buy someone else’s headache. In other words, make sure he or she is not selling the route because it’s not a money-maker. You may get lucky and find someone who is simply looking to retire or change professions; in that case, it would be the best option to choose.

Older Models
Much like anything else, vending machine designs are constantly changing. One good reason to buy used is that you can find a lot of the older models, as well as the newer ones. If you’ve been in the business before and you are simply looking to add to your collection, this can be a great idea because you more than likely know what models are the most durable. Knowing information like this can also be a money-saver because purchasing the most reliable machines will cut down on your maintenance and repair costs.

In conclusion, consider all of your options when buying vending equipment. Some beginners find it best to purchase used for many reasons. The benefits listed above are just some of them. In reality, there are hundreds of advantages to buying used machines over new ones. In the end, you may even find out that the vending business isn’t for you, or it simply doesn’t earn as much money as you thought it would. If this turns out to be the case for you, you’ll be glad you bought used and saved money you otherwise could’ve lost.

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