Melbourne Locksmith Licensing

Like the Melbourne Locksmith Licensing as well as in Nebraska, Melbourne has got a bit of a challenge when obtaining locksmith license. First thing to take note is getting licensed by the Melbourne Private Security Bureau where the board does not license individual employees but the business owners and companies who file for these locksmith employees. Though similar to individual requirements, they will also need to maintain liability insurance and to undergo criminal check before you as one of the employees for example will get licensed.

If in any moment you’re planning to join the Melbourne Locksmiths Association to learn more about these things then that’s no problem as long as you follow these steps below.

Main license requirements are as follows:

  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Must not be ever convicted of any Class A misdemeanor with equal or greater offense
  • Must not be found incompetent by court and not restored to competency
  • Must not be dishonorably discharged from the armed services

Steps In Obtaining Locksmith License In Melbourne

  • File a DBA (Doing-Business-As) with your County Clerk’s Office if you’re not going to be doing business under your own name (such as Steve Jones Locksmiths).
  • Complete this application form and prepare for the application fees. $300 is for the company application fee which renews annually. Otherwise if you are applying as owner/manager then you should pay $50 fee. If you’re applying as only the owner and you have your own manager then application fees will be $50 for the owner and $20 fee for the manager.
  • Submit fingerprint cards. If you are going to be the owner/manager of a locksmith business or just the manager then it’s required to submit 2 fingerprint cards along with your application, and additional $25 fee for the FBI check. This will also be similar if you are submitting an application for someone acting as your manager.
  • Submit proof of insurance that as a locksmith/locksmith business you maintain insurance of $100,000 for each occurrence for property damage and bodily injury and also $50,000 for each occurrence of personal injury. So it’s a total of $200,000 proof of insurance for all occurrences. NOTE: You can access the application forms here.

After a license was given to the company, the company is responsible for submitting registration applications of their employees. Application fee here is $20. Also the employees will need to submit their 2 sets of fingerprint cards and another fee of $25 for the FBI check. The application along with fingerprint cards and fees will need to be submitted for each employee within a period of 14 days of the start of their employment, or within 14 days of the company being licensed. For more details emergency locksmith melbourne

If in any moment an employee quits then the pocket card issued for that employee that is valid for 2 years goes with them to their next job and their new employer will now be responsible to update their employee information. Lastly, employees will be required to have obtained the required number of continuing education hours during those two years in practice in initial license being issued before they can renew their license.


Once you’ve received your company license, the company will be required to post the license certificate in the principle area of the business. If you have multiple branches then each location will need a branch license as well which costs $200 and also renews annually with the original license. You’ll also always need to show your company’s name, address, and license number on all marketing materials used in the business but excluding the vehicles.

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